Ten years ago we found menus lacking in design, quality, and innovation.
We set out to change that.

What you can expect


what our clients think...


Just one word…


The partners are in a state of euphoria! Thank everyone who participated in this piece of art! Such a pleasure doing business with you guys!

New York

We would like to thank you for the beautiful menu that we received.

It is a great looking menu and an envy maker to our competitors. Again we thank you so much for the great coordination and service your company provided. We will definitely recommend your company and service to our clients and friends.


Just looked at the books and they look so wonderful - the etching of the icons really turned out beautifully.

Thank you again for working to make all of this happen in such an amazingly short time frame. Your work is just beautiful, and you guys are amazing to work with!


Thank you
for making this happen
on the short turnaround


The binders turned out fantastic!
We (and the client) love them.


Thanks again!


Boards look awesome.
Just dropped them off with the client this morning and she was very happy.

Say thanks to the team for me.


The product we have looks fantastic!!! We are very happy with the product Nadine.
Thank you!


I forgot to let you know we love the menus - they came out perfect!
Thank you so much!

New York, NY

I’ve worked with Taste Envy before, and the binders came out Awesome! So I’m hoping you all can work another miracle

I have reviewed hundreds of restaurants and
I am always astonished at how little attention restaurateurs
pay to their patrons’ first impression, the menu.

Taste Envy is a long overdue concept.

Richard Lasser, Food Writer for Food & Wine, LA Times, The New York Times, and author of
Great Vegetables from the Great Chefs and Great Desserts from the Great Chefs.

As fanatical foodies, Nadine and Jason have always been dismayed about the lack of good menu design. We’ve just finally decided to do something about it.


Comprehensive brand solutions
Brand Integration consultation
Interior Menu design

Menu design and production


We build all our menus to order, by hand in Seattle, WA. We use exact specifications, impeccable quality and expert craftsmanship and details that only our patented designs can yield. From menu covers that come in a variety of materials to a check presenter that will, of course, inspire envy.

Menus never had it this good.

Out & About

Nadine & Jason are regularly seen dining around Seattle

with their children, who are now avid foodies.


Our Foundation

“It was a natural progression,” said Jason Brown, co-owner and founder of Lost Luggage. “The menu industry is in a similar state to that of the presentation industry when I first started in 1994. I’m finding that our experience in presentation design easily translates to menus.

Jason Brown, Co-Founder – Born in New York City and raised in Pittsburgh, Jason Brown graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from American University in Washington DC in 1992, with a major in Design and an emphasis in Photography and Art History. Jason’s natural appreciation for how things are artfully constructed inspired him to explore the ways of industrial design and three-dimensional construction. He founded Lost Luggage® in 1994 with the goal to design and produce custom portfolios and presentation cases for patrons searching for high quality and artistry. His work is fêted by local and national clients, including Victoria’s Secret, Finlandia, Nike, Vespa, Diesel, Chanel and Apple.

Nadine Stellavato, Co-Founder – Born in Los Angeles, Nadine Stellavato moved to San Francisco to attend California College of Arts and Crafts, from which she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design in 1995. An award-winning graphic designer, Nadine joined Lost Luggage® in 1999 and launched Brand Envy® in the same year, offering complete identity, marketing and web design services for their discerning clientele. With the recent addition of Taste Envy®, Jason and Nadine are sure to make an indelible impression on the culinary and hospitality industries for years to come.

TASTE ENVY by lost luggage

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